Monday, June 16, 2008

Francis Picabia inspired

The first of the summer series - Shapes and Planes - we painted with infleunce of artist Francis Picabia - Lu-Li, painted 1946 - 1949. Picabia in his painting created paintings with many overlays and many dimensions of flat planes and lines and overlapping areas. His work ranged from brushy paintings to line drawings and poster like illustration work.

Our first exercise was to create a small painting of two planes and one shape.

Then we painted Lu-Li using 4 8 x 10 inch panels. The painting Lu-Li divided easily into the four panels and the focus of the exercise was to create planes of color under the primarily black and white shape on top.
There are a few approaches possible. One can paint the triangular panels underneath first or one can paint the entire quarter or one can abutt the panels and paint the entire painting at one go.

I painted the under triangles and then overlaid the primarily black and white shape. when the paintings are complete, then mix them up with the other painters in the class.

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