Wednesday, October 12, 2016

and now here's something I think you'll really enjoy...

Ok - it's been 8 years since I last blogged and now is as good of time as any to start re blogging.  I would like to tell you things that have no place on facebook, nor anywhere other than my mind and your heart.  So here we go.  See below. 

I hosted a lunch here, at the Gloria Delson Gallery, in September.  I love the light and I loved the lunch.  What I want to tell you is that I really love downtown Los Angeles.  It is an amazing time right now in - as they call it DTLA.  There are tons of little tiny places - shops opening up with cool people running the shops and selling their wares.  They can apparently afford to try retail.  That is not possible where I live in Silicon Valley. Here you have to be a millionaire to try retail.  DTLA is a mess of people; rough and homeless to hip and ambitious. 

I stayed in two different airbnb's this last trip. Both were lofts in old industrial office buildings.  It felt very New York, only now - airbnb. 

About the chairs.  I inherited in 1995, from my great aunt Claire, one chair like the ones above.  They are from a company Cosco Canada.  They fold.  They are heavy and they don't stack too well. I bought them on my way to the lunch. I drove from Palo Alto to Los Angeles on Friday.  I stopped two times in LA to pick up 4 and then 3 chairs from Craigslist ads.  You can see the two different models.  One chair has four feet and the other has a folded stand in back and two feet in front.  I'll refer to them as Claire's chairs.  I loved Clair for a lot of reasons.  She was salty and she appreciated crap.  She swore and was always a treat to be around. 

For Claire's chairs 2016 - I went to Topanga and Culver City.  I love buying things from people.  The sellers were both interesting people with stories.  The man in Topanga was selling them for his father.  The fellow in Culver City was a photographer.  He had a career as a photographer and did very well and now can not do that because everyone and her brother takes their own photos with their phone.  We are all designers and marketeers.  (future topic for conversation). 

So Groucho Marx and TS Elliot had a friendship. They wrote letters from America and England.  Finally, they had one meal together in England.  They each tried to impress one another with reciting lines from the other's work.  They were in the sunset of their lives, but were in great admiration of each other's career. 

I hung out with my friend Casey in LA.  We hadn't seen one another for a very long time and it was a pleasure.  Casey is a keen observer of society.  He came to my art exhibition and to the loft airbnb # 1 where I had a stunning after party - complete with a professor of philosophy debating the meaning of life with a radiant young entrepreneur.  I was thrilled and impressed by the whole thing. 

Then Casey helped me relocate to airbnb # 2.  How we find people that travel on the same path as us and transition with us is amazing. 

Thank you Casey.  It was great spending time with you. 

Ok enough for blog, back at it, number one.  

Wrapping it up - I had the most magnificent summer and fall is a quiet continuation.  Quietly I tip tap type (I took my hearing aids out) and send you lots of love. 

Everyone of you. 


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Mary said...

so i look at the photos and think: there i am! (because of course that is what i will think.) And then I think oh judy will mention her old friend mary showing up and there she is in the photo, but instead judy talks about the CHAIRS. That is so judy and that is why i love you! I'm so happy that you are writing on this blog again. I look forward to all your judy thoughts. xoxooxox mary