Thursday, October 13, 2016

Now that the High Holidays are over - I'm heading to Fresno -

Who wouldn't? 

 Packed in my car are supplies for days - or hours if you are a painter.  Golden paints takes me there.  I'll be doing a workshop and a lecture demo. 
Ah - the pleasure of 
1. talking for two hours about art materials and then 
2. painting with souls that love to paint!

(#1. might be only for people like myself who wake up talking and go to bed talking...)

Now on to Mary. 

I could wait to talk about her, but - as Nike says, just do it.  So my darling Mary G. has left Los Angeles and is now in D.C., but on my most recent trip to Los Angeles, a surprising thrill was that we ended up spending a solid 24 hours together. In her home, with out her things, (they're in D.C.) with 100 degree weather outside.  Just she and I, like when we were teenagers.  Mary and I met in 1972 and fell for one another.  She lived in Washington and I in Oregon and we met in California. 

There was something Tikkun Olam about us. A rejoining. The healing of the world, the putting the pieces back together, finding your twin. I don't remember an exact moment of our meeting, but two curly headed, overly confident, extremely extroverted teenagers, meeting at a Jewish summer camp, found one another and I'm so glad we did.  

I periodically took the greyhound bus to Seattle to stay with her during our high school years. She'd come to Portland and stay with me and now we're driving our own cars and visiting one another some 40 plus years later.  Intersecting sporadically here and there.  The luxury of being uninterrupted in one another's company, I'm still reeling. To me, that is the most valuable activity; time spent in the company of someone I love. 

It was banter, catching up, telling stories, tracing steps, being in one another's sight and then, as I'm putting my toe in Los Angeles, she's flown the coop. 

 Dearest, pick up the phone ...California, calling, long distance. 

                                               some of today's work -  "Yes", again in progress

sleep well - everyone.  Love,  Judy 


Mary said...

The only thing that would have made those 24 hours better would be if we'd had 48. Love you so much, it's ridiculous.
xoxoxoxox mary

I Found My Motor City said...

Such a sweet tale of friendship. Feel the same way about your visits here. xo linda

Judy Gittelsohn Artist said...

48 hours in DC 2017!

Judy Gittelsohn Artist said...

Me too!!! !thank you.